Rental software - Microsoft integration

Seamless Integration...
Hire software - Microsoft Outlook intergration

Asset Rental seamlessly integrates with several leading 3rd party software packages to make the day-to-day running of your rental business even easier.

  • Asset Rental checks for the presence of other 3rd party software packages when it starts up. Features using each package are enabled automatically, provided the user has the appropriate permissions
  • Integration with other software packages is completely optional. If only one of your computers is used to email documents, then only this computer is required to have Microsoft Outlook
  • We are committed to ensuring that Asset Rental works with future versions of other 3rd party software packages as seamlessly as it does with current versions

Keep in touch...
Rental software - Microsoft Word integration

Asset Rental makes it easy to write to your customers. Whether you need to send them a letter by post or email them news of your latest offers, Asset Rental streamlines the process by integrating with Microsoft Word and Outlook.

  • Print or email one-off editable documents
  • Print documents for many customers at the same time
  • Easily convert your documents to PDF (Portable Document Format) and XPS (XML Paper Specification) files
  • Save time and money by taking advantage of Asset Rental's mail merge features to send emails in bulk. You can attach your own custom documents (converted to PDF files) or any other files that you want to send to your customers
  • Improve your cash flow by emailing invoices to your customers as soon as the debt falls due

Hire businesses can keep in touch with their customers by email in Microsoft Outlook

Our rental software integrates with Skype

Improve your business communications...
Improve  your business communications with our rental software

It's easy to telephone your customers directly from within Asset Rental, saving you time and money.

  • Keep in touch with free Skype to Skype calls for customers that have a Skype account
  • Take advantage of Skype's low call charges to telephone landlines and mobiles using a Skype subscription
  • Send text messages to customers warning of imminent deliveries to avoid wasted visits (requires Skype Credit)

Keep the cash flowing...
Our rental business software integrates with Sage accounts packages

Asset Rental will keep your accounts package updated with all of the information it needs for raising invoices for your rental transactions. Asset Rental currently integrates with Sage Instant versions 15 through 17. Support for other accounts packages will follow in the near future.

  • Simple to setup - connect to your accounts package within minutes
  • All of the information that your accounts package needs about products, customer accounts and orders is passed by Asset Rental to your accounts package quickly and accurately
  • Information about your customer's credit status is returned from your accounts package, back to Asset Rental, keeping you better informed
  • Keep your accountant happy with fully up to date records!

Post transactions to Sage accounts in our rental software

Fast address entry in our rental and hire software

Get it right...
Our rental business software has easy address management

Most modern businesses make use of address management software to take advantage of postal and zip codes and Asset Rental is no exception. Using the power of QAS Pro (available separately) Asset Rental ensures that your customer's addresses are entered quickly and accurately. Orders will never go astray again because of an incorrect address.

  • Lets you easily select the correct address based on the customer's post code
  • Saves the time required to type an address
  • Eliminates spelling mistakes, thus improving customer perception
  • Ensures that all communications are sent to the correct address, eliminating costly mistakes